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16 March
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A need, it is deep with in, this need. It is a need to take words and form them into thoughts, feelings, ideas, and entities. Voices that strive to be released, to be created and heard. A hunger to be preserved in time. Why? Who knows. Just an on-going ache, this need. A compulsive need to write.

Like a dancer we take these words and twist them into thoughts. Thoughts that aimlessly wander the pathways of our mind. Misty essences without form. With a twirl of our hands we extract these essences and form ideas. With a leap and a bound we can create an essence of our soul. Now a life entity that can be seen and shared. Or tucked away into a private corner of our life, preserved.

Like a child’s building blocks we can patiently stack, one by one until a story unfolds, like towers forming, we build. A holographic tape recorder, we breathe in our experiences and wish for them to be preserved and saved. We breathe out those bits and pieces of reality and preserve them with our written words.

Or maybe it is simply a need to play with words ........ Welcome to my Playground .....